Do you know the difference between an agreed value income protection policy and a loss of earnings based policy? The difference between business overheads and business interruption? We do, that’s our job.

Insurance is about cash in a crisis
You need cash, you need it quickly and you need it paid to the right person! You need the right policy for the job at the right price.

10 reasons our clients give when asked why they use us as their Brokers

1. Expertise – we understand their complex business needs
2. Relationships – we offer them a personalised service
3. Specialised – we keep abreast of industry developments
4. Independence – we search the market for the most suitable insurance for them
5. Knowledge – we understand insurance products and processes
6. Response – we can address their needs quickly
7. Trust – we develop a partnership with them
8. Strategy – we provide them with long-term thinking
9. Solutions – we always find the best answer for them
10. Focus – it’s all about them and their needs

If your business cannot function, you are losing money
Our job is to help you get started again as quickly as possible no matter what the cause.

You do what you do best...
If your business is damaged by a flood, who pays? Getting it right is vital. You work at what you do best, and let us help you by doing what we do best.

Insurance Jargon

The insurance industry uses quite a number of technical terms, usually for reasons of precise meaning, which are not necessarily easily understood. Below we have clarified the meaning of some key words and phrases that are commonly used.

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